RSBC “We Mean Business” Student Spotlight: Amanda Hickman

This is the first in a series of profiles spotlighting current and former Business students and alumni who have made the most of their experience and stand out among their peers.

Amanda Hickman Serves up Success

hickman_amandaBy all accounts, Amanda Hickman (RSBC ’16) took Rutgers School of Business—Camden by storm. “I fell in love with Rutgers on my tour. Two of my favorite attributes of the campus were the welcoming, open atmosphere and faculty and administrator accessibility,” – attributes she used to her full advantage as she double-majored in Accounting and Finance and developed relationships with a number of RSBC faculty, including Dr. Kaufman-Scarborough, Ralph Giraud, and David Vitt, which led to some incredible opportunities.

Amanda came to RSBC ready for leadership. She became captain of the Tennis Team after her first year, and held the position for her remaining three years years at Rutgers. She participated in the Business Leadership Development Program, where she studied the responsibilities that come with reaching a position of influence, and the negative outcomes when that power is used for personal gain at the expense of others. Her classmates describe Amanda as one who lifts up the people around her, and leads from within not above.

Rather than simply bettering herself, Amanda worked to help others. She was a regular volunteer at campus events, and ultimately became a Civic Scholar, completing a 300 hour volunteer service term through AmeriCorps. One of her positions was at the Neighborhood Center, where she helped to build a marketing sector, designing their website and producing promotional video content.


Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

You probably heard this phrase the very first time you encountered RSBC Advising. And then again in the advisor’s office. And again in another advisor’s office. It just keeps coming at you, like some kind of friendly, inspirational zombie.

These two DEFINITELY worked their plan.


5 Ways (Not) To Email Your Professor

The Academic Services Office staff had a good laugh at this post, which shows every type of email professors receive from their students. We enjoyed this one especially:

hay professor i have 97 grandmothers, all dead, i will not be in class for the rest of the semester

Which is more tragic – losing 97 grandmas at once, or the affront to grammar and usage? To the professor, probably the latter.

Once the laughter finally died down, it occurred to us that it would probably be helpful for you to know the RIGHT way to reach out. Here are the most important tips:


Register for Fall? But it’s Only April!

Even though we’re all enjoying these glorious first days of spring, now is the time to plan ahead for the Fall, since registration started on April 4th, 2016. It may be tough to wrap your brain around planning your fall schedule while your head is still trying to get with finals, but it’s a good idea to do it now.

When you get registration out of the way early, you’re better equipped to start the fall semester off on the right foot. What’s more, come fall you can spend time reconnecting with friends rather than waiting in lines, stressing about your schedule, or running around completing additional paperwork.


Start The Semester Right

Happy New Year and welcome back! This is the perfect time to set your new semester’s resolutions.

A good GPA is crucial to scoring good internships, interviews, and jobs. It is far more difficult to recover from a grade slip than to maintain them in the first place. The time to think about your grade goals is at the beginning of the semester – when you’re in control of your grades – rather than scrambling at the end to minimize damage. A few tips for maximizing your successes in the classroom: