Don’t Be a Social Loafer

Group projects: love them or hate them, they’re part of the package here at RSBC. It’s a point of pride for us, because there’s good research to back up the benefits, including practice with teamwork, time management, and communication skills – all skills that you need in order to succeed in the workforce.

But most teams have one stressor in common: the loafer.

Um, no. Different kind.


Putting Your Skills to Work

It’s why you’re here. It’s the reason you’re putting in hundreds of hours of classwork, homework, and networking. Also group projects – everyone loves those.

A Job: as an undergraduate student it can seem unreal – far in the future and totally confusing. But it’s closer than you think, and in some cases can even count as credit toward your degree.

August is the perfect time to focus on internships, resume building, and jobs. The beginning of the fall semester presents a variety of opportunities and support that can help position you among the majority of RSBC alumni with a job in their field waiting for them at graduation.


So You’ve Been to Orientation…Now What?

By this point, you’ve been on campus a few times, registered for classes, and met your advisor. Now what? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Currently enrolled students can make an appointment with an academic advisor by calling the Academic Services Office at 856-225-6216. You will gain full access to web registration system on or about August 25th.

Summer session III (July-August) business course registration still open; see course offerings at the Summer Session Office.


Understanding the “W” Grade

Students often ask us, “what does a grade of ‘W’ mean on my transcript?”

It means you dropped a course after the 1st week of the semester, after the end of the add-drop period. Each semester the registrar provides specific deadlines for dropping a course “with a ‘W’ instead of an ‘F.’” – be sure to review the current academic calendar for specific dates and times.


Academic Advising Syllabus

By now you’re used to referring to your professor’s syllabus for everything you need to know, from assignments to office hours to policies. But did you know the Academic Services Office has a syllabus too? It explains what we hope to help you know and understand over the course of your studies at RSBC, what we expect of you and what you should expect from us. If you’re not sure you understand why it’s necessary to see an advisor, the syllabus will help. Check it out!

–The Academic Services Team